How to convert your customers into brand-loyal customers

Now, you have a bunch of customers, who regularly visit your restaurant, sometimes with a partner, sometimes with their friends but never enough. Well there’s ways in how you can solve that. Below are some quick and easy tips you can start applying in no time to turn those customers into all-important brand-loyal customers! Do note, though, that the below are only a few quick tips, there is obviously way more you could do to convert your customers. However, for the sake of your attention-spans we will keep this blog short and sweet! 

Deliver excellent customer service:

This goes without saying right? But you’d be surprised at how many restaurant owners actually turn a blind eye to this very important factor. They tend to do a mediocre job and that’s it – Bob’s your uncle. Mediocre experiences really don’t stand out folks. No it might not get you complaints but it sure won’t get those customers singing your praises! Go above and beyond! 

  • Remember their names in emails, phone calls and even when they pop in, we love the sound of our own names as narcissistic as it may sound!
  • Give out complimentary starters and desserts. We all love a freebie… I mean… seriously who doesn’t?
  • Be genuine, make your customer laugh, tell them a joke or two. Be remembered as the restaurant to go to if you want to have a whale of a time!
  • Ensure your customers know exactly how to reach you. Make sure your contact numbers/email addresses are always visible for your customers to see and use whenever need be.
  • Send follow-up emails asking how your customer found their meal and what could’ve been done to have made it better.
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Ask for feedback:

If you don’t ask – you simply don’t get! Asking your customers for feedback shows that you actually give a damn about their opinions. People just want to be heard even if there isn’t much they have to talk about. Not only does it make your customer feel valued and special but it also gives your restaurant loads of insight – do bare in mind, though, that some feedback can be exaggerated and some you can actually learn from, so it’s important to be able to differentiate the feedback you receive.

Do you know what’s even better though? When you action your customers feedback! Actions speak louder than words after all right? So taking their feedback and/or criticism on board and making a positive change will definitely encourage your customers to keep coming back, they may also become brand advocates because of much they begin to trust you. They’ll want others to enjoy the experience with you!

Offer a loyalty programme:

It’s simple; if coming back to your restaurant means that your customer will receive a bonus/reward then why on earth would your customers go to a competitor? 

Offer loyalty ‘Stamp’ Cards. These are the most popular in the restaurant industry. Here’s a cheeky tip though; why not offer your stamp cards with 2 or 3 pre-filled out stamps. Instead of a blank card that will mean that your customer will have to start from scratch which may be an off-putting thought. You should just go ahead and stamp 2 or 3 for the customer before giving them their card which is known to further entice customers to keep coming back. So for an overview, instead of giving your customer a card with 8 slots; give them one with 10 slots and stamp 2 of them before giving it out! 

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Offer a referral programme

These always go down a treat! Who doesn’t want to recommend their loved ones to some good food for a discount and also benefit from something too?! All of us right?

A study by Christophe Van den Bulte found that referred customers had higher profit margins, stayed longer, and had an overall higher customer lifetime value (LTV).

Make sure to also thank your customer (the referrer) and your newly acquired customers (the referee) as this will build brand loyalty as you show your appreciation. Your customer and newly acquired customer will be sure to show their appreciation through becoming brand-loyal customers who are devout to your restaurant and your restaurant only – No if’s or but’s!

& last but not least…

Surprise them! 

We left the best till last… this method here is one of the most effective ways of converting your customers into brand-loyal customers. Receiving a freebie when you expect it the most is one thing, however when it’s completely out of the blue and unexpected it can be extremely exciting. Just simply sending your customers a thank-you note alongside a gift box full of some goodies to show your appreciation will go an awful long way folks! Try it out.

There you have it guys! A few quick tips that you can start implementing from TODAY, there’s no time like the present after all right? So let us know how you get on, what you benefited from and what you’d change.


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