5 tips on how restaurants can benefit from social media

Before we go ahead and delve into the benefits of social media media to your restaurant; it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to be on every social media platform; master 1 or 2 and ensure you uphold consistency with quality content! For restaurants we recommend instagram and Facebook.

  • The first and most important point of all time is that it builds awareness & recognition! How can it do that I hear you ask? By ensuringyou have your logos printed on your tableware such as your plates and cups; whenever someone who visited your restaurant takes a quick snap (as we all do!) and posts it online, others are able to immediately recognise where that person went and that person’s experience at your restaurant (because most likely than not, they would add a caption alongside the photo talking about their experience). By customising your tableware it sets you aside from most restaurants who have not thought ahead to invest in an amazing marketing tool such as this. Not only is that the case because you have social media presence but it also makes you have your logos on your tableware which makes you recognisable.


  • Entice customers with the use of mouth-watering food images and menu specials. Visuals play a massive role when it comes to social media. People don’t want to hear about your food or read about your food, they want to SEE your food! Be it organically or paid reach; you will get users drooling with your appetising shots which will entice them to drop a visit to your restaurant and hopefully become loyal returning customers!
  • Increase in brand trust & credibility. When people online see posts of your restaurant repeatedly, especially with your logo on your tableware, they will immediately recognise that it’s you and will be reminded to drop you a visit to have a taste of your delicious food! People also expect you to be on social media. If someone were to search for you and not find your website or social media links then it will be an automatic no-no.
  • It gives you the ability to nurture relationships. You have the ability to turn one-off customers into regulars! Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. consists of a growing community of users that love to connect and talk! Engaging with your customers or prospects is an easy way to build loyalty and trust. It also places your restaurant in a different, more informal light. You will have the ability to interact authentically. Not only can you nurture relationships with your customers but you can also build and nurture relationships with influencers and/or other industry leaders.


  • It will increase your sales drastically. Both fortunately & unfortunately; this can only be done with paid advertising. To see any ROI it’s important to invest in your restaurant. This is where FB Ads come in. Advertising on Facebook is definitely money well spent. Yahya Consultants can prove that to you. You don’t have to set a hefty budget to see any ROI. you can simply start off with advertising with £10 a day and watch the increased awareness and flood of sales roll in! But bare in mind that videos sell! Advertise your restaurant or a special dish on the menu with a video to increase your chances of raking in those sales. Action speaks louder than words!

There you have it folks! There are of course loads more ways how restaurants can benefit from social media, however in order to not overwhelm you we’ve decided to keep it short with 5 most important tips! Implement these tactics and thank us later! 


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