How to acquire new customers in the most efficient manner

Do you already have a decent number of customers but you just know that your restaurant can handle more? Not to worry, we’ve got you! & we’ll explain how in this blog. We know that you’re a busy restaurant owners trying to juggle lots of things at once, so we won’t bombard you with a million word blog, we’ll keep this short and sweet, I feel like that should be our mantra! 

So I want to start off by saying whatever you’re doing now, can always be improved. I don’t mean to put a downer on your efforts or demotivate you, I am just giving you the brutal truth. You can always do better in order to improve your marketing efforts and to acquire more customers! 

So let’s start off by talking about the most common way of acquiring new customers. Facebook/Instagram Advertising. We all know that this is an extremely popular method of acquiring new customers; due to its precise targeting methods and reach. Other businesses have benefited greatly from advertising and your restaurant surely will, too. It gets you in front of the right people at the right time. It also allows you to build a database of your leads’ details such as their email addresses and numbers which you can own as a business. 

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I have said it before in past blogs and I will not be ashamed to say it again, BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Advertising is all well and good when acquiring customers but it’s not like you can run a new ad campaign everyday, but when posting organically on social media; you can! Posting a variety of your chef’s specials, menu updates, food shots etc. Engaging with other restaurants, as well as other influencers in your industry is also something you should actively be doing. 

Partner up with a local charity. This shouldn’t prove to be too hard because charities are often more willing to form partnerships than businesses are. Individuals are also most likely going to want to do business with you and become customers if they know that a portion of the money that you receive from them is going to go to a good cause. Partnering with them will also give your business a lot of goodwill, which will flood those customers in and in return that cash-munayyy! 

Instead of cold calling straight off the bat once you find a potential customers email address online or once a prospect gives it to you willingly, shoot them an email. Sending an email is the best way to break the ice and introduce yourself and your restaurant. You can further showcase the value you’re offering too, without looking like a pushy salesperson. This is where the process of nurturing leads from cold to warm commences; by sending them content targeted at their level of readiness to buy from you, and warming them up so to speak. Once you have sent the email and waited patiently for a day or two, now you can give them a call. Asking someone to part with their hard-earned money is an emotional decision, and leads are more likely to close if there’s an actual person they can talk to.

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Run giveaways! You can run these on your social media platforms. It will get your current customers excited and get potential customers who show an interest in your restaurant engaged, come on.. Who doesn’t like a freebie seriously? You can even go as far as reaching out to local influencers (food bloggers etc) and offering them a free meal for themselves and a plus one. A free meal for them, a shout out for you on their massive following. 

Improve your search rankings via SEO. doing so will make your content such as blogs etc way more visible and discoverable by your target audience. Include industry-related keywords in your content (especially on your website), also include backlinks from authority websites in your industry. Another tactic to implement in order to acquire more customers is to ensure that your website is optimised for mobile devices as well as desktop. Most searches these days are actually derived from mobile devices. No surprise there huh? 

So there it is guys, just a few tips on what strategies you can easily implement in order to acquire more customers! Of course the list could go on foreverrrr but we are more considerate than your average business! ?

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