How to spread the word about your amazing restaurant

You have an amazing restaurant. The food is great, your staff members are top notch, the location is great, why wouldn’t anyone want to visit your restaurant, right? Well it’s probably because they just don’t know about it yet. Read on below to find out how you can start spreading the word about your amazing restaurant.

Be active on social media 

Well first things first & this almost goes without saying; be active on social media! You want to know why? Well start off by heading over to our other blog (add link here) which gives you reasons as to why you should be on social media and how your restaurant can benefit from it. 

Now to give you an overview of why you should become super social.

  • Everyone is on social media, especially your devout customers!
  • Organic food/menu posts can go an awful long way with the right hashtags and a strategic posting schedule! After all, we are in the era of ‘food porn’. Best times to post are a few hours before lunch time when people are starting to get hungry and a few hours before dinner time.
  • Facebook/Instagram advertising can you get your restaurant optimum reach without having to keep aside a massive budget! A win-win. I recommend Yahya Consultants for all your Facebook advertising needs. (biased-y aside)
  • You don’t have to be a social media expert. Just have a look at what some competitors are doing and then just follow their lead and adapt it to ensure you stand out and are unique. Ensure you post bright food photos that scream EAT ME!
  • Last but not least; having a social media presence gives you the opportunity to reach out to influencers such as local food bloggers. You can entice them to share your content online. To return the favour you could offer the influencer a free meal for them and a plus one.
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Invest in a website

Next; it’s important to have a website. (To all those who don’t already have one, of course.) This is your chance to showcase your menu, special offers, mouth-watering food shots, testimonials etc. although social media is important it is also important to ensure your restaurant has a website as it will in effect becoming your hub and heart of your restaurant. Anything your customer needs should be on your website.

Having a website opens you up to a much larger market of potential customers searching for your food at your location spots. 

You may be thinking that it’s too much hard-work to build a website from scratch but the rewards that you will reap from having a website will greatly outweigh the work that will be put into it. Furthermore, there are loads of affordable website designers that create a beautifully, fully-responsive website in no time! Ahem.. Yahya Consultants.. Ahem! 

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Invest in email marketing

I know most of you may not think so; but email marketing is still an integral marketing strategy to get the word out there about your restaurant. There are 2 ways of obtaining email addresses; in person by asking for it after a customer has paid for their bill or online via your website. Or you may have it set up so that your customer is required to enter their email addresses before they can get hold of that freebie that you have on offer etc. It allows you to let your customers know about the latest offers, menu updates etc. 

Manage your online reputation

Lastly; it’s important to keep on top of what is being said about you online. If you want to be able to spread the word then the last thing you’re going to want to do is not manage your online reputation where bad things could be being said about you. Nothing destroys a restaurant like a bad review does where everyone can see it. You have to remember that many people will not even begin to consider visiting your restaurant before they’ve had a chance to get online to see what others have to say about your food.

So it’s key to remember to respond to reviews in a timely manner and withhold polite etiquette regardless of whether your replying to positive or negative reviews. (although we’re sure you can’t be getting many bad reviews, you restaurant is amazing remember!)

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Partner up with Delivery services

Partnering up with delivery services such as JustEat and Deliveroo will definitely be of help when spreading the word about how amazing your restaurant is. Today’s customers expect conveniency from local restaurants, especially on a Saturday or Sunday night when people don’t want to go out. Locals will search for restaurants to order from and yours comes up after they enter their postcode with a mouth-watering cover photo, tell me what’s more exposure than that? 

That’s all for this week folks! We hope these tips have given you some food for thought. Comment below your thoughts!

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