How to get more customers through social media?

Social media is king! We all know this. We all believe this. No questions about it. Your target audience is on social media, especially if your target audience/customers are millennials. So below, I will be discussing a few tips you could implement from today in order to acquire more customers. 

This goes without saying folks; but be active on social media. When I say social media, I don’t mean that you should be active on every social media platform that exists. No! You would be doing it extremely wrong if that were the case. Choose a few platforms that your customers are active on. Do your research as this is an important factor to know! Once you have discovered that, focus on posting (and cross-posting) on those platforms daily if possible. Inactive social media platforms make your brand look bad and makes you come across less credible. Use apps such as Planoly to help you schedule your posts in bulk so that way you just have to take a day out of the week where you can focus on scheduling all the daily posts for the upcoming week or so. That’s what we personally do at Bespoke Tableware and it works wonders. You don’t have to continuously think of what to post as each day embarks. Just plan ahead and schedule! Also do research into what the best times of the day to post are, there are many websites such as HubSpot.

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Organically reach out to your followers on social media. Run polls, ask them quirky but relatable questions via your stories. Send your new followers a personalised message thanking them for the follow etc. The trick is to be engaging and interactive, adopt a sense of community, people really love that on social media! Gone are the days where people didn’t really care much about experiencing a human element to a brand. It’s now an actual expectation amongst our era & will continue to be so, so be transparent and allow your potential customers to get to know you on a personal level, this will entice them to trust your restaurant.

Find social conversations that you know you can be a part of. You can find these conversations by searching for particular hashtags, that way you can limit your search to those that are discussing the topic that you want to be a part of. You can also find important influencers with the help of hashtags! Start to engage in those conversations that you discover and show off your expertise. Don’t be shy.. This is not the time… seriously! If people in your industry ask questions and no one has given them a decent answer then that is your chance to shine and offer your help! 

In regards to content; did you know that about 50% of your content should solely be focused on engagement purposes – this is because people are usually on social media for entertainment purposes, although of course, they are also there to seek bargains and products/services that they find of interest. So this includes posts such as ‘Fill in the blanks’. 30% of your content should be for educational/informative purposes such as tip posts etc. and the last 20% should be about your business, such as sales posts etc. So you make sure to proportion your content accordingly so that you don’t come across too salesy and scare potential customers away. To show your brand transparency, you should also:

  • Look to post videos/photos of your chef cooking up some fire in the kitchen!
  • Behind the scenes videos of staff members saying what they love the most about their job etc.
  • Event photos/videos
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Ensure to include strong CTA’s (Call To Action) within your posts. This is especially important when it comes to Facebook/Instagram advertising. Which brings me onto my next point. Another way to acquire your restaurant more customers is to advertise – if you have the budget of course. Bare in mind your budget doesn’t have to be bucket loads, so long as you see the whole process as an investment and not a loss – which is how some businesses see it unfortunately. Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram will give your restaurant a tremendous amount of reach and brand awareness. (depending on your advertising objective and budget of course.)

Alas! That’s all for this week. I hope you benefited from this blog. All of the above tips are literally tips that you can start adapting NOW. So don’t miss out on your opportunity to adapt and become a social-savvy restaurant that everyone loves!

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